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    Radio Frequency Batch Heating Oven



Features :  
Continuous Type Microwave Dryer Microwave magnetron with Panasonic(Japan) / IBF(Germany) / Hitachi (Japan)
PID Indicator / controller
RF / MW choke / timer provision
Stainless steel chamber ( applicator )
Required electrical & thermal safety features for microwave generator
  Variable frequency ( Belt speed control )
Radio Frequency Microwave Dryer Variable Power output ( selectable ) up to 100%
The products can be designed and sized as per user application
The products can be designed and sized as per customer's requirements.
Additional Features - Optional :  
You can add to the performance of the machine by choosing from various additional optional features like Temperature control, Pulsating power, Hot air assisted RF / MW system, Heater temp control, Air assisted RF/MW system, Air velocity control, Vacuum assisted RF/MW system, Vacuum / pressure control, Alarm system after RF OFF, PLC base control system, Data logger with computer interface.

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