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    Microwave Solid Tyre Pre-Heating Systems



KERONE is India’s premier organization and amongst the early adopter of microwave and radio frequency technology, and understood its importance in the industrial heating, pre-heating and drying need, this gave us upper hand over other when it comes designing and manufacturing heating or drying solution that adopts Microwaves radiators as source of heat.Kerone have worked with multiple rubber processing plants which had made us very acquainted with the need and future demand of the rubber and tyre processing industries.We are providing solution that can be used for rubber mixing, extrusion, milling and curing machinery to tire and rubber producers worldwide.
Features :  
Microwave Rubber curing machine » Longer functional life
» Low and easy maintenance
» Dense construction
» Quick and Easy installation
» Precisely designed and engineered
  » Hassle-free functioning
  » Longer service life
Microwave Solid Tyre Preheating System » Rugged construction
» High durability
» Energy and Cost efficient
Advantages of Microwave in Solid Tyre Pre-Heating:  
» Fast and Uniform Heating
» Selective heating
» Direct utilization of large-sized feedstocks
» Treatment of non-homogeneous wastes
» Waste reduction and material recovery
» Better production quality
» New materials and products
» Overall cost effectiveness/savings
» Improved process control
» Ability to operate from an electrical source

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