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At KERONE, we kept understanding new needs of the industry and always starved for excellence in what we do. As a result we grew successfully while serving our end users ever changing needs. We always wanted to give better than expected.

Our vast experience of Thermal Engineering Equipments has motivated us to launch range of unique industrial heating & drying product with latest technology.

As we believe in total satisfaction of our customers we have equipped ourselves with in house material testing laboratory for verifying the feasibility of our products. These services are provided at NO EXTRA COST! Yes, because serving your need is our primary goal!!

KERONE is India's premier organization involved in design & manufacturing of Customized Heating systems, Plants, Automation Systems and accessories.

The company has a complete design and manufacturing facility. A well-equipped laboratory for conducting technical feasibility studies on various materials is also situated. Continuous R & D efforts keep Kerone in step with the latest technology in the Heating field.

Kerone has the unique advantage of having own source for manufacturing variety of heating sources such as

IR Quartz emitters
♦  Short-wave IR emitters, medium-wave IR emitters, medium-wave twin tube IR Emitters.
♦  Gold coated emitters, White reflective coated emitters, and Black coated emitters.
♦  Radiant Panels in Metal & Ceramic embedded.

Electric Air Heaters
♦  Resistive Heating elements with SS / Incoloy sheathing.
♦  Open coil Heating elements.
♦  Cartridge Heating elements.
♦  Immerse Heating Elements.
♦  Ceramic Band Heaters.

Gas IR MFB Burners
♦  Sintered Mat Gas IR Burners.
♦  Ceramic Tiles Gas IR Burners.

Kerone serves variety of industries. Among them : -
♦  Paint baking, Powder coat curing.
♦  Paper drying / coating drying.
♦  Paper conversion, printing ink drying in sheet fed offset machines.
♦  Curing of coating on moulds, adhesive drying.
♦  Predrying of dyed fabrics, heating of PET performs, thermoforming and many more applications.
♦  PVC Preheating and Embossing.
♦  Microwave / RF Dryers.
♦  Rubber Curing
      ♦  Textile coating & Processing.
      ♦  Vacuum Heating Equipments.
      ♦  Oil & Gas Industries.
      ♦  Food Processing.
      ♦  Pharma Industries.

With a team of qualified engineers and field staff, Kerone caters to its customers for past 16 years and has earned the customer’s trust.

♦  Kerone has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008
♦  Kerone is also an CRISIL-NSIC RATED COMPANY.
♦  Kerone is AFFILIATED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM for research work in the field of HF HEATING.
♦  Kerone is also a member of A.M.P.E.R.E. (Europe).

Equipped with these accreditations, Kerone has set on global markets with intend to explore growth areas in new products and technology.
What is Modern Heating Technology?
Unlike conventional Heating and Drying techniques E-Drying uses RF (Radio Frequencies) & MW (Microwaves). Instead of heating the entire target substance or its container body HF-Drying & Heating uses High Frequency Radio / Microwaves ( 27.12 MHz/2450 MHz) as per ISM Standards which give very high efficiency compared to any techniques available for commercial use.

Principles of Heating :
Dielectric heating, also known as electronic heating, RF heating, high-frequency heating and diathermy, is the process in which a high-frequency alternating electric field, or radio wave or microwave electromagnetic radiation heats a dielectric material. At higher frequencies, this heating is caused by molecular dipole rotation within the dielectric. At lower frequencies in conductive fluids, other mechanisms such as ion-drag are more important in generating thermal energy.

RF dielectric heating at intermediate frequencies, due to its greater penetration over microwave heating, shows greater promise than microwave systems as a method of very rapidly heating and uniformly preparing certain food items, and also killing parasites and pests in certain harvested crops.