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    Microwave Dryer Batch Type



All most every industrial applications demands for the heating, drying and cooling process but the process has changed over the time. Microwave dryers utilizes the Microwave frequencies from the electromagnetic spectrum, these waves are generated by high quality magnetrons. Kerone are development and design of microwave heating equipment and drying machinery for the paper, textile, food, wood , Rubber and plastics industries.

Feature of Microwave Dryers:

Completely Stainless Steel chambered - Batch Type Dryers have Microwave Magnetron from leading Brands with some more unique features like Temperature Indicator, Provision for RF/MW Choking, Provision for Timer, Power Control ranging from 10% to 100%, and has all required electrical & Thermal safety features for RF/MW generator. Above all, this can be designed completely custom and sized as per the end users requirement specifications.

Batch Type Radio Frequency Microwave Dryer
Advantages of Microwave Dryers:
You can add to the performance of the machine by choosing from various additional optional features like Temperature control, Pulsating power, Hot air assisted RF / MW system, Heater temp control, Air assisted RF / MW system, Air velocity control, Microwave heating process is highly controllable, Vacuum assisted RF / MW system, Vacuum / pressure control, Alarm system after RF OFF, PLC base control system, Data logger with computer interface.